On set of David Byrne’s Contemporary Color in Toronto/Bklyn for the new Ross Bros documentary.
I was Director of Photography for 13 Sony FS7’s.  We filmed with Angenieux cine zooms.
Air Canada Center
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.24.14 AM
Sony FS7, Angenieux 28-340mm
“Sculpture has its own set of traditions and painting has its own set of tradition, But I think those things are a lot more blurred now.”
I have been working with Art21 on two new short films for their Exclusive Series featuring Josiah McElheny.
Josiah’s new exhibition “Paintings” is currently up at Andrea Rosen Gallery.

Josiah McElheny creates a new series of paintings as “something to see through” from his Brooklyn studio, as featured in the latest ART21 “Exclusive” series episode (

American Renaissance, co-directed by Jarred Alterman and Ryan Scafuro premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.  It has screened at IFFB, London Shorts, Rooftop Summer Series, Sidewalk Film Fest.  Stay tuned for more festivals!

A short doc on Craig Thornton, Chef and creator of Wolvesmouth
A short scene from Convento
The Clockmaker
One of Four micro films commissioned by True/False Film Fest for 2015’s “The Long Now”

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